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The ad hoc meeting of Government-designated experts which was developed, under the aegis of UNEP, the elements of an international strategy and an action program, including technical guidelines for environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes (Nairobi, 9-11 December 1991) refers in its report (UNEP/CHW/WG.2/1/3) under paragraph 3 to the fact that governments have asserted that the appropriate strategy for dealing with waste is to:

  • Prevent the generation of wastes;
  • Reduce to a minimum the wastes generated by economic activities;
  • Recover, reuse and recycle the greatest possible quantity of those wastes which are still generated;
  • Dispose of, in an environmentally sound manner, any remaining waste

The Technical Working Group of the Basel Convention recognizes that waste management is a recent activity which is designed to identify and manage wastes throughout their entire life cycle with a strong emphasis on reduction, reuse and recycling activities (Framework Document on the preparation of technical guidelines for the environmentally sound management of wastes subject to the Basel Convention).